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June 26, 2014

The Growth of Scottsdale

Scottsdale was incorporated in 1951. The actual boundaries of the incorporated area was less than one square mile. The town's boundaries were Osborn Rd. to the south and Camelback Rd. to the north. The borders to the east and west were approximately 68th St. and Miller Rd. The population at the time was somewhere between 1200 and 1500 people.

After 10 years and 19 annexations, Scottsdale had tripled in size. Its borders now reached as far south as McDowell Rd., west to 64th St., and east to 82nd St.

Scottsdale 1960

After another decade and 22 more annexations, Scottsdale now covered more than 36 square miles. The boundaries have extended to McKellips Rd. to the south, Greenway Rd. to the north and 104th St. to the east.

Scottsdale 1970

Ten more years and 10 more annexations. The city is approximately 90 square miles. Scottsdale and Phoenix battle for land. The northern boundary now reaches Deer Valley Rd., and the eastern border is past 136th St.

Scottsdale 1980

The 80s brought fewer, but much larger annexations. The city is now over 140 square miles in size. The northern boundary goes as far as Dove Valley Rd.

Scottsdale 1990

In fifty years Scottsdale has grown to over 180 square miles. Its population is over 200,000. Aside from about 24 square miles of unincorporated land known as the Dynamite Corridor, Scottsdale is finally running out of room to grow.

Scottsdale 2000

Scottsdale has become so large that if you laid it on its side it would stretch from Scottsdale Road all the way to 187th Avenue in Buckeye. Please don't try this at home.

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